Hello world!

We are excited to announce that ZipDance will be beta testing for the month of July.  In an effort to insure all systems run smoothly, no scheduling glitches or communication errors, we will take this month to fully test all services.  You can still join and start using the app for free during this time period… Any users that do join while we are still in Beta testing will not be charged for the service, but understand that there might be glitches as we work out all the bugs that might be present when we launch.

We are very excited to have a number of top professionals and studios willing to assist us as we test this powerful application in various geographic locations… NYC, NJ, NM, CA and an international test in Sydney Australia.  If you are interested in being a part of our test group, we would love to have you.  Feel free to contact us via email at info@zipdance.com

We look forward to building the ZipDance community and bringing the world together through dance.