Shield Feature for Teachers and Studios

The Shield feature is an upgrade to a subscription which allows you to enter your student details into the ZipDance system but shields them from seeing local competitors within a 10 mile radius of your location.

This feature is designed for teachers and studios who might be concerned that by joining ZipDance they will be over-exposing their current student body to direct competitors.   However, it still allows for these students to take advantage of the many other Zipdance features, such as finding instructors when they are outside of the protected radius. Or, finding local dance events and group functions.   They can also take advantage of meeting other local STUDENTS when they upgrade to ZipDance SOCIAL, an elements that will be released in the future…

The Shield feature does not limit your Group Classes and events from being fully marketed to all students on the ZipDance app.  And, shielded students will still be able to see all Group Classes and events that match their search criteria in the app.

If you have more questions about the Shield feature or about ZipDance in general.  Please feel free to reach out to us directly at   We’re happy to answer questions and offer suggestions on how ZipDance can assist you in your dance business.