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locally and around the world.

About the App

Developed by students and professionals who recognized that technology is sometimes taking away from real world connection.  ZipDance strives to bring people together in the safe and fun environment of DANCE.   Now you can instantly find dancer partners, teachers, classes and events in your immediate area.  It’s easy to use and totally FREE to join… so get ZipDancin’ today!


Join Zipdance and discover dance!

Partners, Socials, Classes and more:


  • Find local instructors and fellow dance enthusiasts!


  • View, book, and reschedule with click and Confirm!


  • Handy digital notes and recordings to keep you on track!


  • Locate and sign up for local group classes and events!

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Easy to download and totally FREE! connects with all other users on all platforms


No hidden fees or in-app purchases… just a great way to cut to the chase, and find dance partners and teachers for your favorite dances

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  • Dance Class Locator
  • Dance Event Locator
  • Find local Pro Partners
  • Find Local Dance Teachers
  • Meet local dancers
  • Click and Confirm technology
  • The Digital Diary
  • book private lessons


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